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5 Things to Do While Social Distancing During Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to COVID-19 emergency measures, many people are limited in their social activities by social distancing. This might mean events have been canceled; you need to avoid large public gatherings and more. While these changes can be frustrating, keep in mind that they are temporary measures and there are certainly ways to cope with the changes. From simply not watching the news in the morning to staying connected with others on social media, here are some excellent ways to make the most of social distancing measures implemented during COVID-19.


Value Your Trade

At Delray Honda, we have the entire trade-in process ramped up and streamlined to ensure that our community has the flexibility that they need. Don't get stuck in a vehicle that you don't love and regret years of a wasted relationship. Finding the car that meets your every need should be your goal without compromise.


How to Maintain Car Batteries

If you want a car that's like the Energizer Bunny, one that keeps going and going and going and going, you need to pay attention to your car's battery. With regular service, you'll not only ensure that your battery's life isn't cut short, but that it's changed before you find yourself stranded.